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The worst situation does not give you an advance alert to get prepared, get the bed roadside assistance in Dubai with us. We are well equipped to help you instantly when you come across stressful situations such as an emergency breakdown or during an accident. Our expert team of specialists takes immense pride in delivering round-the-clock service to our customers.  The main motive of TRT Recovery UAE is to dedicatedly support its clients and offer a wide range of comprehensive services basis eligibility.

Get Best Roadside Assistance in Dubai

TRT Recovery UAE provides you with excellent assistance from UAE therefore you never require to burden yourself utilizing a punctured bicycle or battery life situations. We let you get back on the right track quickly. At any time you need us, then we will soon be present to offer you a hand wherever possible.  Our professional technicians can reach you as soon as possible and provide the best services.

If you are struggling with an abandoned car in the mid of the road you can contact us. Wherever your location may be, and whichever car model you own, our skilled technicians will bail you out. Our team is also an expert in removing inoperable and abandoned vehicles. When the unexpected happens and you require roadside assistance Dubai, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other part of the UAE, contact us. You can count on our expert team to be ready to assist 24/7.

Roadside Assistance In Dubai

Our Exceptional Roadside Services

TRT Recovery UAE offers comprehensive roadside assistance programs created to deliver you with peace of mind during unpredictable situations on the road. Our services include:


  • Immediate towing assistance
  • Efficient battery jump-start service.
  • Flat tyre replacement
  • Quick fuel delivery assistance
  • Key lockout service
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Swift recovery from sand immobilization
  • Recovery in case of an accident

How to Seek Roadside Assistance

To ensure a swift and efficient request for roadside assistance, please have the following information available when contacting our customer service team :

  • Provide your full name and contact details
  • Registration number of your vehicle
  • Identification number of your car
  • Indicate the model of your car
  • Your vehicle’s dealer’s name
  • Short description of the issue
  • Location and nearest landmark of the vehicle
  • Quick communication through WhatsApp

24/7 Roadside Assistance in Dubai


As a provider of 24-hour roadside assistance, we take pride in delivering exceptional and reliable services to our customers. Our range of specialized services sets us apart from the rest :


1. Flat Tyre Assistance: Our expert team will swiftly replace your vehicle’s flat tire, ensuring you can continue your journey without delay.

2. Battery Charging Services: We offer prompt assistance to jump-start your vehicle’s battery, getting you back on the road quickly.

3. Fuel Delivery: If you run out of fuel, our team will promptly deliver gasoline to your location, ensuring your vehicle is fueled up and ready to go.

4. Mechanical First Aid: In the event of a mechanical breakdown, our skilled technicians will provide the necessary assistance to get your vehicle repaired and back on track.

5. Lockout Service: If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle due to a lost or broken key, our professionals will assist you in gaining access, and restoring your mobility.


At TRT Recovery UAE, we prioritize your convenience and safety, offering prompt and efficient solutions for your urgent needs. Trust us to deliver exceptional assistance when you need it the most.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Roadside assistance is a service delivered by companies to aid drivers in case of breakdowns or other roadside emergencies.

The roadside assistance industry is part of the automotive service sector, which comprises repair shops, towing companies, and other related businesses.

The first official roadside assistance service was invented in 1905 by the automobile association (aa) in the united kingdom.

Roadside assistance has been about for over a century, with different companies providing the service to drivers since the early 1900s.

24×7 roadside assistance means that the service that you are able to get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services, comprising weekends and holidays as well.

Roadside assistance usually comprises services like jump-starting a dead battery, towing, replacing a flat tyre, giving emergency fuel, and lockout services.

Whether roadside assistance is eligible is based on the people’s requirements and circumstances, like how frequently you drive and how far you travel from home.

No, roadside assistance is not the same as car insurance, but it is usually provided by several many insurance companies as an add-on or alternative coverage.

The abbreviation for roadside assistance is rsa. Roadside assistance (rsa) is an add-on cover that lets you get assistance from your insurer in case you encounter any problems with your car while on the move.

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