Power Up – A Quick Guide To Jump Starting Your Car

While driving a car, the driver needs to be aware of all the tools and equipment that are available in the car. If you are going on a tour, always make sure to check all related things to avoid any accidents or delays in the journey like tire pressure, coolant, battery life, all related documents, etc.

Here we discuss the battery, however, we are not fully aware of the battery life or duration. If somehow our battery gets discharged on the journey then no need to worry, a quick jump service will help you in that scenario.

In this article, we will discuss each step from start to end. There is a proper technique and tools are used to quickly jump-start your car. Firstly you need to be aware of this because nobody knows when you will face this situation in your journey. To avoid this situation, regular car maintenance is required. Let’s understand are various steps to jump-start your car:

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How To Jumpstart Your Car?

How To Jumpstart Your Car

There are various steps included while jump-starting the vehicle, but we need to first understand the tool or equipment required for the jump-start of the battery which is discussed below:

  • Power Cables: This is a very important thing to jump the battery. Power cables are used to charge the dead battery. With the help of these high-voltage cables, clips are attached at their ends. Both ends of each cable are connected with the dead battery and charged battery. They are generally available in two colors i.e. Black and Red color. Red is for the anode cable which has a positive charge and black is the cathode i.e. negative charge.
  • Power source or Battery: A jump box or battery backup that you can easily carry with you in the car. This is used to provide the electric shock i.e. jumper is used to charge the dead battery which you can refer to as quick jump service. Wire cables are attached to this battery and a power supply connection is made between both batteries and that is how the battery could be charged.

Step-by-Step Guide To Jump Starting Your Vehicle:

Guide To Jump-Starting Your Vehicle

As we discussed above, the various tools required for quick start service. But more important than that we need to understand the steps to perform for charging the battery. On a journey, if somehow the battery gets discharged then you need to charge the battery by yourself. Always be careful before performing these steps. Let’s understand the various steps in different scenario of how we can jump-start the battery which is as follows:

Case-1: If there are two vehicles

  • The first step which you need to perform is to park both of your vehicles on the side to avoid accidents.
  • Apply hand brakes.
  • Then make sure both cars’ hoods are facing each other.
  • Attach the power cable from one battery with another for a jump start.

Case 2: If you are using a jumper box

  • Make sure the car is turned off, and no ignition light or button is on.
  • Then attach the positive terminal of the first battery with the positive terminal of the jumper battery and vice versa.
  • Make sure the jumper battery you use is of high voltage otherwise, the battery will not charge.

How To Jump-Start The Battery?

How To Jump-Start The Battery
  • When all your battery connections are made in both cases we need to make sure everything is turned off and no one is inside the car. All these steps are done on the side of the road to avoid any incidents.
  • All the connections should be tight.
  • Start the charged battery car and run for a while and then check if the other battery gets started or not. On the other hand, if you are using a jumper battery, then turn on the battery and follow the same steps.
  • When your dead battery starts, please run for some time before turning it off.
  • Remove all the cables and pack them.
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What To Do, When The Battery Does Not Jump Start?

There is another scenario you will see when the battery will not start or you have no source to start your vehicle. First, check all the battery connections are made correctly otherwise go for the next step. Then we need to perform these steps which are mentioned below to start your car:

Push-car start: 

  • For this step you need another person to push your car, there is one person who will sit in the driving seat and make sure your car is run down the side.
  • The vehicle needs to be in neutral and maintain some speed.
  • When the car is in motion, release the clutch and put second gear to kick start the battery. If the car starts to maintain speed for some time before turning it off.
  • If the car doesn’t get started, follow the same steps again with better motion of the car.

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