Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Spotless

Keeping a car clean can be a task. Nevertheless, with the precise techniques and tools you get that spotless car that you always wanted. Merely washing it regularly and properly not only keeps your car looking good. The incorporation of cleaning hacks to keep your car spotless is also necessary. So, do not panic as we have come up with various hacks that would help you.

A dirty car is never liked by anyone. In order to increase your car’s life, keeping it spotless is a must. It is often regarded as a status symbol to have a clean car. But cleaning it can be tiresome and pricey. It is often regarded that a car shows a person’s personality. Having a shabby car wouldn’t do justice to your personality.

We know how tough it can be to maintain the newness of your car. One way to get it clean is by taking it to the workshops that do a great job but that approach is not feasible as it may be costly. Instead, taking care of it at home can help you save some bucks and get the same type of job done at just a fraction of the cost. We have a carefully curated list of car cleaning hacks that will help you get a spotless car.

Here know the Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Spotless

1. Splash it with water

If you keep a regular habit of cleaning your car just like doing laundry every week. Giving your car through a wash will do wonders for you to maintain that shine all the time. By splashing water, almost half the job is done of removing the dry dust off of your car. Next, pour some car washing liquid in water and apply it all over your car. Then rinse it off using water. Use a microfibre towel to clean your car with it. This is the least time-consuming process. Carrying out this process once every week is recommended.

2. Use your hands

Don’t be afraid of being hands-on when it’s about cleaning your car. It is one of the best car cleaning hacks There’s o tool that can suffice the use of hands. This is the old-fashioned way of removing the grime from your car. Taking some water with car washing liquid and soap will just do the job.

3. Avoid heat

Washing your car in immense heat, under the sun can cause the soap to chip on the surface of your car. It may cause streaking. So, plan on washing the car when there’s no sun. The best time to wash the car is either in the early afternoon or in the evening, depending on your schedule.

4. Use a cover

Keeping your car covered with the car sheet is the best cleaning hack to keep your car spotless. It helps in keeping your car away from elements like dust, and environmental factors that may cause damage. It also protects it from the sun’s heat and rain. Having a protective layer on your car will input in keeping it in a better condition.

5. Keep the interior clean

When it’s about keeping your car spotless, it doesn’t mean taking care of only the exterior. It is important to give equal importance to the interiors as well. It is vital to clean the interiors first. Take out the floor mats and give them a good cleaning. If necessary, vacuum the seats.

Use a polisher and a sponge and scrub it on 5the dashboard and all four doors. I will hardly take five minutes to do so. In no time you will be able to get a car that would be just like a new one. All this in just a few sum of what it costs at the wash shop.

6. Give attention to tires

Tires need to be taken care of in the same way as cars do. As tires burn on the roads, It is important to give close attention to them. Having a clean car is not done if the tires are in a filthy condition. So, in order to remove dirt and grim off of tires, take a big brush and a non-acid washer. Start scrubbing the inside of the wheel walls and then on the lower edge of the body. Using a water spray will ease up the cleaning process.

7. Use wax

Getting your car waxed is a good way to keep the car paint intact and reduce it from chipping off. It is the cleaning hacks to keep your car spotless. These come in the form of clay and spray. Using the spray goes can be more time efficient. These are not the same as the gel goes but they do quite a good job when you are in a hurry. All you need to do is spray some wax and then buff t with the use of a microfiber towel.

8. Extra attention to the windows

Cleaning the car windows is of a great deal as it increases visibility and clarity. In the case of windows, wherever there is dry dust, use a microfibre cloth to clean it. In the case of messy windows, which has dirt and grim on them. Using a DIY like vinegar and water can help in taking it off.

9. Go pro once a month

Despite doing everything, the car will get stained. Which will ultimately wreck up the car upholstery. Taking your car to a mechanic can cure all the problems. So, be mindful as to when to take it to the professional.

10. Maintain hygiene

Doing all these efforts is futile if you do not keep basic hygiene in the car. Try to keep your car neat and clean by avoiding the accumulation of wrappers and coffee glasses. So, inculcating basic hygiene techniques is important.

With all the above hacks, it has become quite easier to keep your car clean. Inculcating only a few car cleaning tips can help you maintain its shine and keep it new always.

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